The Phantoms Acapella

Arts Society of Kingston (ASK)

Jun. 3, 2017, 08:00 pm

97 Broadway
Phone (845) 338-0333

Facebook Event :

June 3rd
8 pm

The Phantoms are a 5-piece group – Joe Veillette, Charlie Staxx, Brian Becker, Dorraine Scofield and Mike McDonough, based in Woodstock, New York.

Join us before the show , from 5-8 pm, for ASK’s First Saturday Opening Reception. Two new exhibitions. Refreshments will served.

Acappella resists modern recording techniques. Click tracks, isolation booths, one-at-a-time overdubs all seem to dilute this style born of vocal groups imitating big band sounds with nothing but voices. Acappella thrives on the stoop, the subway station, and the tiled hallways of New York and Philadelphia.
The Phantoms bring their twenty years of experience, their Brooklyn hearts, and the keen ears of Joe Veillette and family to a style whose origins go back half a century.
So kick back and discover Woodstock’s best kept secret. Sure we have festivals, but when we want a real party…. this is who we call!
(Phantom fan, John Sebastian)

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