The First Shoe Collection

Westbeth Art Gallery

Feb. 2, 2019, 06:00 am

55 Bethune Street
PHONE 646.309.7109

The First Shoe Collection by Marilynn Grant Barr opens February 2, 2019 at Westbeth Gallery, New York City. The exhibit features life-sized ceramic shoes that merge utility, history, and creativity—begging the question “Is how we walk who we are?” and will be on display until February 23.

“Besides protection from the elements…” Barr writes, “Shoes continue to attract commoners and celebrities alike—you, me, ‘Carrie Bradshaw,’ Parineeti Chopra, Whoopi Goldberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Wendy Williams, and more to a sumptuous footwear feast to wear, collect, and display.”

“Every shoe has a story” Barr states. Inspired by a vintage, wooden shoe last liberated from a second-hand store, Barr made The First Shoe (a pink spiral design with cerulean lace and a chunky heel ceramic shoe) that harkened to “my love of carnival cotton candy.” Then dozens of sketches followed, which served as blueprints for a collection influenced by music, art, history, … and continues to grow.

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