The Art of the Portrait Annual Conference

Portrait Society of America

Apr. 25, 2019, 04:00 pm

3300 Peachtree Road NE
PHONE 850-878-9996

Won’t you join April 25-28, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta for the largest event in America today featured solely on the art of the portrait and figurative work? Whether you are a professional full-time artist or you desire to take your art to the next level, we have a program to benefit you.

The weekend will feature demonstrations, personal portfolio critiques, breakout classes, manufacturer and exhibit products, finalists in the International Portrait Competitions, a grand gala banquet and so much more.

Thirty-two faculty artists demonstrating and teaching include: Leslie Adams, Bo Bartlett, Suchitra Bhosle, Judith Carducci, Casey Childs, Adam Clague, Rose Frantzen, Max Ginsburg, Daniel Greene, Johanna Harmon, Seth Haverkamp, James Head, Jeff Hein, Quang Ho, Edward Jonas, David Kassan, Daniel Keys, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Ying-He Liu, Michael Mentler, Gregory Mortenson, Michael Shane Neal, Alicia Ponzio, Mary Qian, Tim Rees, Mary Sauer, Adrienne Stein, Dan Thompson, John Seibels Walker, Dawn Whitelaw, Lea Wight, and Mary Whyte.

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