The Art of Business: Getting Started with Gail Zona

Newburyport Art Association

Jan. 1, 1970, 12:00 am

65 Water St.
PHONE 978-465-8769

Why: If you want to sell your art, people have to know you exist. What is the best way to make that happen? How to do it on the cheap? How do you even get started? What do you have to do?
Who: Artists who are ready to start selling their work. Artists who have been trying to sell their work with minimal success. Artists who are just thinking about selling their work.

What: We will take each person’s situation and discuss what the next steps should be, what to spend money on and what not to spend money on, what can be done for free (ie, social media), how to put it all together and make it work.

Newburyport Art Association

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