Terrestrial Resonance

Art in FLUX

May. 3, 2017, 06:00 pm

163 Malcolm X Blvd.


Terrestrial Resonance curated by Stan Squirewell and featuring artists Kimberly Becoat, Leslie Jiménez, Michael B. Platt, Nate Lewis and Tammy Nguyen opens on Wednesday, May 3, 6:00-9:00PM in Harlem during FRIEZE Week. The exhibition examines the possibility that we are reflections of the past, present and future. All of the artists work with the figure and explore the idea that the body is a physical vehicle for spirits with a profound earthly connection. This exhibition is an attempt to find the thread that binds and moves humans to a common clarity of oneness and a greater appreciation of the spiritual being.

The artists arrive in this group exhibition from different narratives but they speak a collective language about the intrinsic commonness in the bio-mechanical human structure. At the core humans are all connected to each other through the earth, the vessel that supports, grounds and transports mortals through space. In this sublunary experience humans perceive themselves as uniquely different yet energetically the bodies are the same. Each person is in a constant flux, navigating the mortal world, in search of his or her greater self. The particulars of a person’s face and body hardly provide the clues to a person’s essence. Terrestrial Resonance brings forth figures in all shapes and sizes, challenging the viewer to take a deeper look into the complexities and spirits within each human body.

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