Symbolic Convergence, Opening Reception

Front Room Gallery

Jul. 13, 2024, 04:00 pm

205 Warren Street
PHONE 718-782-2556

Opening reception for “Symbolic Convergence” featuring works by Ken Butler, Linda Ganjian, and Melissa Murray. In this three person exhibition each artist has taken a different approach to the use of symbolism and collage. Ken Butler is renowned for his innovative approach to creating hybrid sculpture-instruments. He merges disparate elements such as lawn mowers and machine guns, skillfully grafting them together to produce multifaceted and functional sculptures. These unique creations not only challenge traditional notions of musical instruments but also serve as artistic statements that blend form and function in unexpected and thought-provoking ways. Butler’s work invites viewers to reconsider the boundaries between art, music, and everyday objects, showcasing his creativity and craftsmanship. Linda Ganjian’s artworks, spanning both sculptural pieces and works on paper, captivate with their ornate and symmetrical designs. Her works incorporate a diverse array of media, including postcards, worry beads, pills, books, and prayer books, among other elements. This eclectic mix of materials lends richness and depth to Ganjian’s compositions, inviting viewers into a world where meticulous craftsmanship and symbolic layers intertwine. Through her art, Ganjian explores themes of memory, culture, and spirituality, offering a visual narrative that resonates with both complexity and beauty. Unlike traditional collage, Melissa Murray constructs her compositions entirely within her mind. This internal process allows her to envision and arrange seemingly unrelated objects in ways that suggest narrative and emotional connections. Her artworks often feature objects placed on tabletops or floating in space, creating a dreamlike or surreal atmosphere. This approach not only challenges the boundaries of traditional still life painting but also infuses her work with a sense of poetic ambiguity and visual intrigue. Moreover, Murray’s paintings transcend mere representation by imbuing her subjects with personal symbolism and emotional resonance. Each composition becomes a reflection of her inner world, where memories, emotions, and everyday objects converge to evoke deeper meanings.

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