Science in Art & French Impressionist Technique Workshop

Gage Academy of Art

Feb. 6, 2017, 09:30 am

1501 10th Ave E
Phone 206.323.4243

Science in Art & French Impressionist Technique
Instructor: Valerie Collymore, French Impressionist Fine Art Oil Painter

This intensive workshop covers many topics on the Science in Art, while integrating this scientific knowledge with art-making fundamentals, techniques and practices of the French Impressionists painters. Learn about the mathematics behind composition, the medical science of vision, the physics of paint manipulation, the neurologic implications of the Troxler effect, useful technologies and apps for art practice, topics on the psychology of art and much more.

Master color mixing once and for all using the chemistry and the simple mathematical deductive reasoning behind color theory. See how this knowledge can be applied to move your artwork forward quickly and joyfully.

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