Photography 101: October 2017

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Oct. 4, 2017, 06:00 pm

400 N Ashley Drive, Cube 200
PHONE 813-221-2222

This session will meet:
4 Consecutive Wednesday evenings, 6-8 pm
This workshop takes a unique approach to the world of photography introducing beginner and intermediate level photographers to the essential techniques of exposure and composition as well as photographic documentation through the use of presentations, weekly photo assignments, and one on one guidance. Students photograph a variety of subjects in and around the museum, including Portraiture, Landscapes and Architecture. This class is for people of all ages with little or no experience in photography, or for those seeking to renew their knowledge on the basics.

You will be instructed on:
– Fine Art Photography
– Camera & Lens
– Automatic vs Manual Shooting Modes
– Color Temperature (White Balance
– Focus and Depth of Field
– Light and Exposure
– Freezing Action vs Creating Movement
– Composition, Content and Photographic Storytelling
– Basic Photo Editing
– Online Sharing

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for the workshop; however, since all camera models have different control layouts, students are expected to know how to find and adjust three exposure settings in their camera: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. While a DSLR camera is preferred, any digital camera capable of manual control of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO will work. Students with cameras that have no way to control these three exposure settings (i.e.: point-and-shoot cameras) will not get the full benefit of the workshop. A tripod is also strongly recommended.

Members $180; Non-Members $200

FMoPA | Florida Museum of Photographic Arts | Tampa, Florida

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