Paying Attention: The Life Studio As Painted Space

Wayne Art Center

Apr. 27, 2019, 09:00 am

413 Maplewood Avenue
PHONE 610-688-3553

In this two-day master class, Stuart Shils addresses perceptual and graphic clarity, offering a controlled setting in which to examine pictorial concerns far beyond “how to” paint the figure. Students dig deep into issues like translating their perceptions into articulate painted space and pictorial structure, and explore color, composition, and design. They’ll take a close look at both the set-up of the room and at the painting, with the “model” as part of a larger graphic configuration. Considerable emphasis will be placed on drawing for its own sake, on paper, not under the painting as preparation.

Each day brings a demonstration and an investigation of other painters’ work analytically, in slides, to understand the direction of our own concerns. These will be long, active and engaging days, and participants are expected to dedicate a lot of energy. Students work in acrylic paint, NOT oil.

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