Opening: “Time Machine: Through the Walls of a Time Traveler” by Justin Garcia

Nicole Longnecker Gallery

Oct. 21, 2017, 05:00 pm

2625 Colquitt Street
PHONE 346-800-2780

Nicole Longnecker Gallery presents “Time Machine: Through the Walls of a Time Traveler”, a solo exhibition by Houston artist: Justin Garcia with an Artist’s Reception on Saturday, October 21, from 5-8pm. The exhibit runs from October 21 to November 22, 2017.

“Time Machine: Through the Walls of a Time Traveler” brings a new, expansive body of work from Houston artist Justin Garcia. Along with his new paintings, Justin will be installing his theoretical model called “Humanity’s Sustainable Infinite (HSI)” on opposing walls of the gallery.

“Our collectors are in for a treat,” said gallery owner Nicole Longnecker. “Not only is Justin debuting a new series of interlocking wall paintings, but he will be installing his HSI model for the first time in a commercial gallery. This is a don’t-miss exhibition.”

ABOUT JUSTIN GARCIA: 2016 Hunting Prize finalist and native Houstonian, Justin Garcia, attended the University of Houston Bauer Business School but soon realized this was not the right direction for him and returned to his first passion: painting. Through art Garcia began his struggles to understand himself and his surroundings and search for a personal truth. For two years he painted in a boating storage unit with all his belongings stacked in the back. As he sought a path with a deeper meaning, he taught himself by making mistakes through exploration and experimentation.

In the ensuing years, Garcia released seven series of work and following the seventh series, he took two years away from the art scene to analyze and document what he learned. With the effort of these seven series and a depth of experience behind him, he spent several months isolated in central Mexico. There he mapped and constructed blueprints for a theoretical model called “Humanity’s Sustainable Infinite (HSI)”. In late 2015 he announced the completion and publication of his first book, “One Ton Goldfish: In Search of the Tangible Dream”, a retrospective of his seven artwork series in which Garcia’s personal truth carried some universal meaning.

Justin Garcia lives and has a studio in Houston, Texas.

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