Opening Reception of Neoteric Universe

Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Jul. 13, 2018, 12:00 am

143B Orchard Street
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July 13 – July 26, 2018
Opening Reception – Friday, July 13, 6 – 8 pm

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present “Neoteric Universe,” a solo exhibition by Korean artist Jeon Nak. This exhibition will explore the extreme edge of a modern medium that finds its roots within a newly formed technology; 3D Lenticular Lens. Similar to the original pioneers of photography, Nak seeks artistic creation through his scientific exploration of lenticular printing. Through geometric sequences, mathematical composition, and complex illusions, Jeon Nak explores the region of science and technology to represent a three dimensional cosmic image of which the viewer cannot escape.

Jeon Nak began his career as a painter after graduating with a BFA from Mok Won University in South Korea. After he continued working within mixed media abstract painting for nearly a decade, Nak discovered the potential of lenticular printing, a recent technology that has been practiced within photographic prints. With his passion to learn the new medium, innovate the technology, and to break its limits, he was able to reach where his work is seen as a new form of art and garnered immense attention throughout the international art world. He began showcasing his new and innovative work in 2013. As an exclusive artist to Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Jeon Nak has presented his solo exhibitions mainly in Seoul, Korea and NY, USA as well as international group exhibitions. Through his large following, he has had multiple opportunities to show his works at art fairs around the globe, from the US and Europe to Asia: Korea, USA, UK, Netherland, France, Italy, Turkey, China, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates. The majority of his pieces have been requested to be in numerous private and corporate collections around the world, including art collections of major enterprises that represent the edge of modern technologies: Kia Motors, Canada Air, Coca Cola, LG, Samsung, Hyundai Korean and Asiana Airlines. After these countless successful solo and group exhibitions that have pushed his work towards a global stage, Jeon Nak will meet his New York audience with his series, including his most recent works at Able Fine Art NY, for a sixth solo exhibition.

With an interest in the abstraction of fixed two dimensional spaces, the medium of 3D lenticular printing was an ideal match for Jeon Nak. With a background in painting, Nak seeks to explore the complexities of creating depth and space through two dimensional mediums. Unifying the traditions of his early paintings with the technology of lenticular printing, Nak veers away from the traditional use of this medium. Instead Nak seeks to explore new depths as he opens new doors contributing to new concepts. Many of the meanings and messages behind his works allude to the connections between humans and the concept of an invisible sense of power that seems to control us throughout life. In Nak’s piece Axis-F5 the illusion of gravity, an invisible power, is created as many skyscrapers can be seen from a birds eye view. In Axis-L2, Nak is able to express to viewers the illusion of speed through the creation of a warped grid like composition composed of a fluorescent color palette. As a whole, these pieces work to express a sense of connectivity through humans and the way the world functions. Utilizing creative new mediums to convey an advanced understanding of the purposes that drive the universe.

The series “Axis” relies heavily on the idea of a great mystical force that penetrates our lives like an axis that operates our reality. Nak refers to gravity and speed as concepts to further allude to the feelings or senses we may derive in relation to our distance from our axis. This can be exemplified through the observation of how something may fall from a higher point on a skyscraper. To maximize the emphasis of three dimensional depth within the “Axis” series, Jeon Nak uses mostly black and white to capture the intense depth and power of our surroundings.

As an expansion to “Axis”, the series “Nexus” aims to depict a union of numerous objects within the great axis. In “Nexus” Nak often depicts cosmos and black holes with various different colors closely associated with those seen within the galaxies. Similar to the galaxy, the unification of vibrant hues against the darkness is a common representation within Nak’s images. Nak uses this series to push forward the idea of unity between the human species and the axis, the way in which we intertwine. Through the series “Nexus”, he not only attempts to depict the wonders of the universe, but also the vastness of space and the invisible force that drives it. Concepts that we as humans may never fully comprehend. In some ways, this alludes to the notion that humans are always trying to search for something. The final series “Vortex” could be understood as a combination of his first two collections. “Vortex” is a conversation between the eternal space of communication and circulation. Utilizing the concept of infinity and the continuous nature of the universe, Nak displays an endless stream of color and visuals that together creates the sensation of boundlessness. Using his creation of our world paired with the fantastical concepts of space, we are given a glimpse in Nak’s vision of a mythical universe. Through this series, Nak intends to create a sense of perpetual motion, one in which the viewer feels exactly what the image conveys. The constant feeling of movement with no end. Within “Vortex”, he creates an imaginary depiction of our surroundings, blending luminous colors with stark, deep backgrounds. Combining elements from the previous series’ to create new ones Nak creates continuity amongst his work. With this continuity, he captures the flow of eternity, similar to that of the Mobius strip. Likewise, Nak generates artworks that the audience perceives as never-ending.

Nak serves as a pioneering force of art as he pushes the limits of abstracts, the form of a modern technology. By exploring the artistic potential of lenticular prints, Nak opens new doors revealing a new creative potential. Mary Gregory, a New York writer, art critic and novelist wrote, “Still others suggest gateways to another world—one that only exists in the creative imagination. All contain a mastery of technique and a bold new vision that signal important works of contemporary art that should be experienced first-hand” The importance of Nak’s work is emphasized as an opening to alternative concepts and visions; ones that have become increasingly important in modern times. Nak states, “The atmosphere and the depth of the space I create with my work cannot be delivered by photo or media. Despite this fact, I desire to have a communicative experience with viewers and wish them to be able to find delight and excitement in the visualization of new spaces” Though Nak’s work spans past traditions, it holds a humble purpose of inviting viewers to join in on the process of visualizing new spaces that have yet to be discovered.

Able Fine Art NY Gallery works with both established and emerging international artists, sharing their worlds with our New York audience. Through the works of burgeoning talents and creative minds, Able Fine Art NY Gallery seeks to create a bridge between cultures, a succession of voices, and the melding of worlds through art.

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