Opening Reception

ARC Gallery

Jan. 15, 2012, 02:00 pm

832 W. Superior St. #204

ARC invites you to a thoughtful and diverse new exhibit displaying the works of Sari Maxfield, Ghosh and Kimek and Jungmin Park. Exhibition dates: January 4 through January 28, 2012 Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm Sari Maxfield In her mixed media paintings, Flora & Fauna, Sari Maxfield mimics nature’s simple yet complex forms and compositions, but produces her own layered hybrid. She combines seemingly disparate found images into mysterious kaleidoscopic compositions. Acknowledging the associations of mandalas, rose windows and other circular shapes as symbols of creation and destruction, as well as of order and harmony, she cross-breeds the strange with the commonplace, making the new unity suspend somewhere between the mundane and the sacred. Ghosh and Klimek The works in the show, Residues, explore the historical and imaginative elements of residual landscapes. The images observe ‘landscapes’ focusing on the complex historical traditions and cultural assumptions that shape their perception. While Ray Klimek’s photographs examine former mining sites of N.E. Pennsylvania, Rajorshi Ghosh’s videos and installations reconsider familiar landscapes as sites that blur the complex history of a ‘place’ with its multi-layered present. Jungmin Park In her exhibit, The City Stories, Jungmin Park recreates what may be called “imaginations” by observing and experiencing the relationships between cities, nature and people. The works suggest bits of the future inspired by shapes and colors using diverse angles and perspectives. Urban and natural artifacts are combined, manipulated, trimmed, folded, reassembled and suspended, creating surreal and distorted cityscapes.

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