Navigation, a solo art show by Nancy Amis, presented by Fabulon

Avondale Therapy (presented by Fabulon Art)

Feb. 9, 2019, 05:00 pm

815 Savannah Highway
PHONE 843.566.3383

Artist’s Reception 2/9/18 5-8pm – Free event, meet the artist, light refreshments in the lobby of Avondale Therapy.
Nancy Amis’s abstract paintings explore the vitality of color and paint. She defines and animates her shapes by using a palette knife to push and pull the paint to the object’s edge. Her work demonstrates the best the palette knife has to offer and her ability to
command it. If you are intrigued by the abstract concept, here is an inviting opportunity to comprehend and appreciate. This work is relatable. Representations evocative of doors and houses create space and depth and a sense of familiarity and safety much like the sight of a shoreline on a foggy day. Navigation is a great title for this show.
Although bright, glowing, and colorful, her work depicts the loss of place and the desire
to find a home. “Ultimately, one hopes that a door will lead home.”

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