NARS Spring Open Studios

NARS Foundation

Jun. 2, 2017, 06:00 am

201 46th Street 4th Floor
Phone 718-768-2765

Spring Open Studios
Friday, June 2, 6-9pm
Saturday, June 3, 1-6pm

NARS announces its Spring Open Studios, a two-day exhibition of international contemporary art in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The artists, artist collectives, and curators currently in the growing artist community at 201 46th Street building will present work in their studios, spread over two floors. Open Studios offers access to the public to experience art in the place and conditions of its making and to talk to artists from all over the world.Whether they have been at NARS for 3 months or 3 years, the participating artists share the diverse range of artistic mediums, approaches, and concepts they have experimented with, developed, and presented in the intimacy of their own studios. A number of NARS residency alumni take over studios to present new work, collaborations, or curatorial projects.

Accompanying Open Studios, the NARS Gallery hosts the work of the 10 spring artists-in-residence in a curated group exhibition.
Residency Artists: Ololade Adeniyi (Australia) | Bat Ami Rivlin (Israel) | Jesus Benavente (USA) | Jahyun Seo (Korea) | Nooshin Rostami (Iran/USA) | Sean Campbell (Ireland) | Buzz Slutzky (USA) | Bonnie Lane (USA) | Ju Ae Park (Korea) | Baris Gokturk (USA)

As part of its Free Kids Art Workshops program, NARS will hold a “studio visits” tour for families 12-2pm on Satuday, June 3.

Participating artists: Keren Anavy, Ololade Adeniyi, Sophie Barbasch, Jesus Benavente, Aglae Bassens, Niamul Bari, Emily Berger, Sean Campbell, Fernanda Carvalho, Kat Chamberlin, Dongfan Chen, Gunilla Daga, Saya Da Jung, Magali Duzant, Andre Eamiello, Gregory Forstner, Baris Gokturk, Suzanne Goldenberg, Katya Grokhovsky, Noel St John Harnden, Jeremy Herrmann, Tadasuke Jinno, Jisook Kim, Ming Jer Kuo, Bonnie Lane, Liliya Lifanova, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Lan Lam, Zachary Lefitz, Thurman Lewis, Ioana Manolache, Nadine Mahoney, Ju Ae Park, Guno Park, Bat-Ami Rivlin, Nooshin Rostami, Jahyun Seo, Buzz Slutzky, Clintel Steed, Brian Stinemetz, Masaki Takizawa, Yi Xin Tong, Carrie Elston Tunick, Gus Wheeler, Erich Winzer, Sarah Jane Wright

NARS Foundation

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