Mulgeon & Intemperate Zone Opening Reception

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Mar. 10, 2019, 03:00 pm

486 Harrison Ave
P: 617 482.7781

Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present the opening reception for two concurrent solo shows, Mulgeon by artist Woomin Kim & Intemperate Zone by artist Nancy Selvage

Boston Sculptors Gallery presents Woomin Kim: Mulgeon, the artist’s premiere solo exhibition at the gallery. Broadly translated from Korean, mulgeon refers to objects or products, but often infers an element of mystery or secrecy, provoking our curiosity. A line commonly used in Korean movie dialogue is, “Did you bring the mulgeon (the stuff)?”

Mulgeon is filled with the stuff of everyday life, such as toilet paper, packing tape, soap, kitchen tiles, cosmetic products, and kitty litter. Now barely recognizable, these objects have been transformed to mimic rocks and minerals, revealing their materiality and resembling their original states. Inspired by a visit to Harvard Museum of Natural and History’s mineral collection, Mulgeon seeks to reveal the gap between the artist’s experience of materials as products and their natural origins before they were extracted and neatly manufactured.

Nancy Selvage’s sculptures vibrate with visual energy, evoke atmospheric conditions, and respond to the impact of weather on our psyche. Layers of perforated metal animate illusive surfaces, fracture light, and envelop ephemeral spaces. Featured in this exhibition are suspended sculptural lights, “cloud” formations, and Intemperate Zone, an installation created in collaboration with poet Ros Zimmermann. Words, punctuation marks, and international meteorology symbols burn, freeze, bleed, and blow within a collection of sculptural objects: . ..(ontinued disturban(es, weathervein, ice corps, and under the weather hats. Real and imagined atmospheric conditions and states of mind unfold as do the perceptions of our role in the process.

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