John Belingheri: Tipping Point

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

Oct. 11, 2017, 05:30 pm

454 4th Street
PHONE 415.495.2090

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce the eleventh solo exhibition by John Belingheri entitled Tipping Point.

“Painting is a shifting response to the current times, when successfully achieved it is a story of defiance and transcendence.” – John Belingheri

John Belingheri’s new work maintains the fundamental idea, or as he calls it the fundamental problem of rhythmic pattern making. His usage of marks and colors, which he describes as the background of his thoughts, are more complicated, urgent, and chaotic than ever before. Every mark he places on the canvas commences a game, the rules guide the paintings very carefully while he attempts to not overplay or underplay it. Belingheri’s descending and overlapping traces of color individually break, change, repeat, pulse, and transform. The unruly rhythms have a textured and buoyant lift in quality. The interlocking of paint and shapes, complicates the composition while never obscuring the message, everything is connected.

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