Irina PI Solo Art Show in Beautique Lounge

Beautique Lounge

Jul. 6, 2017, 08:00 pm

8 West 58th Street
Phone (561) 735-1209

Beautique Lounge presents the works of the young artist, Irina PI. Come join us at her first opening on Thursday, July 6th, from 8pm – 10pm.
Address: Beautique Restaurant, 8 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019
Irina PI was born in Kurgan, Russia. Her creative talents were noticed back in kindergarden, from where she was brought to local art school at the age of 2. Later on, her family moved to Moscow, where Irina PI continued to expand her creative skills. She attended art school and graduated after 4 years with Red Diploma. After learning the traditional style of drawing and painting, she decided to move on for more stylized and self-expressive visual arts.

Her first series of huge layered cardboard panels, “The Legend Series,” was inspired by true ghost stories around the world. The rich use of symbolism, cartoon like style of painting, and experimentation with different materials completely pushed Irina PI back from traditional art. She stepped on the long way to explore her artistic abilities and creating her own style.

Going away from the ghost stories, Irina PI focused on the environmental issues in the world caused by us, humans. She is concerned about the high sense of absolute speciesism from humans nowadays. Every year, thousands of innocent animals are killed by hunters just for trophies or money income. Since childhood, Irina PI was fascinated with the beauty of wild animals, especially the big cats. They are the important part of every ecosystem, and by destroying this part, we will eventually destroy our environment. She decided to start the series of paintings called, “Animal Series: Predators,” where she depicted big cats in very unique and stylized way. Irina PI wanted to emphasize the importance of predators by making very beautiful, unique oil paintings filled with color, movement and energy. Her hope was to show the hypnotizing beauty of wild cats and arouse attention on humans’ cruel behavior, making people more concerned about the problem with global animal murders.

Irina PI was commission by private clients. She was the winner of the Congressional Art Competition 2012 from District 19 . Her works were exhibited in couple of salon shows in New York City, Coffee Art Festival 2015, in Boca Raton Museum of Art and US Capitol.

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