Intuitive Abstraction with Jenever Grahm

River Arts Gallery

Jul. 27, 2024, 10:00 am

590 Water St
PHONE 608 643-5215

Explore the possibilities and rewards of intuitive abstract painting. Connect with your inner creativity through mindful attention to your feelings and imagination. The class will survey various tools and techniques the artist uses to create intuitive abstract expressions on paper and canvas. Enjoy the act of painting for painting’s sake and discover the potential of this art practice.

Kit fee includes: paint, paper, canvas

Artist Bio: Jenever Graham is a mixed media artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. Graham grew up in Florida and since early adulthood has traveled throughout the States and lived in many places. Her background is in anthropology and archival science, and she has created art all her life in one form or another.

Experimentation and playful intuition are at the forefront of Graham’s painting practice. With bold colors and layered textures, her paintings are made up of acrylic paint and ink, oil sticks
and pastels, paper, pens, and pencils on canvas, paper, and paneled boards.

Drawing inspiration from her travels and the beauty of the Midwest, Graham’s work performs as a reflection of her personal experiences. She often paints imaginary landscapes and situations from her memory and personal photographs.

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