Intermediate/Advanced Watercolor Workshop with Helen Klebesadel

River Arts on Water Gallery

Jul. 14, 2018, 10:00 am

590 Water St
PH 608.643.5215

Are you interested in being more effective at what you are already doing? Do you want to loosen up or gain more control over your watercolors? Are you interested in discovering new motivation and your own unique subject matter for your artwork? In this workshop, you will explore both skills-based and creative process-based strategies for expanding your artwork, how to find your own authentic content and approach as an artist, and have lots of fun doing it.
Join artist and creativity coach Helen Klebesadel for this 2-day watercolor workshop for intermediate and advanced watercolor painters with some knowledge of watercolor. Plan to expand your creative process and subject matter through a series of individualized exercises designed to help you create stronger artworks while learning to control and incorporate fun wet-into-wet techniques. Build on what you already know for the best possible effects while also exploring creative ways to go deeper in developing your artworks and an artistic voice that is authentically your own.

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