Hygienic Art Presents: The Jampson Jubilee!

Hygienic Art

Apr. 20, 2017, 12:00 am

79 Bank Street
Phone (860) 443-8001


Date: Thursday, April 20, 2017
Time: Doors open 7pm, band starts at 8pm
Location: Hygienic Underground gallery
Donations gladly accepted

From the ashes of The (now defunct) Weird Beards, featuring members of local New London acts, Straight to VHS, and The White Birds, comes a familiar group of musicians, with a new focus, and a new name: The Jampson Jubilee.

The Jampson Jubilee is a band of six musical brothers, brought together by fate, glued together by a common bond of musical inspirations and creative desires. Performing for the past year under the “Anaheim Civic Center” moniker, the group has created and developed a repertoire of original material that spans musical genres and highlights the unique characters contained within. In a “passing of the buck” manner, with no clear leader, The Jampson Jubilee trade off instruments and lead vocals like a game of Hot Potato, each member taking a time to shine in the spotlight, sharing their own style and personality. A blend of rock ‘n’ roll sounds- blues, funk, gospel, soul, and folk all get a turn- and at times showing both punk and jamband mentalities, The Jampson Jubilee will keep you on your toes, but have you singing along to songs you’ve only heard for the first time!

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