House for Sale

PDNB Gallery

Jan. 2, 2019, 05:00 pm

154 Glass St, Suite 104
PHONE 214.969.1852

From the country to suburbia to the New Jersey Shore, this exhibition is a survey of domestic domiciles that offer comforts of home, even in the most questionable settings. PDNB Gallery artists, and some artists new to the gallery, will be featured.

The photo essay, Last House Standing, by German born artist, Ben Marcin, is represented in this group show. Marcin documents isolated, decaying two and three floor walk-ups found in Baltimore and Philadelphia. The old buildings stand alone on the street, waiting next in line to be demolished. The old-age metaphor is quite graphic.

Actor and photographer Jason Lee’s road trip around Texas, recently culminated in the book, A Plain View. Included in his colorful Texas series are homes like Marcin’s, worn and haggard, some empty of life. These structures, found in the landscape of country towns, each have long stories to tell.

Ira Wagner’s 10-year document of raised houses on the New Jersey Shore explores how people live comfortably while knowing the future location of their property will be in the ocean. Ira’s book, Houseraising, published last year, offers an essay written by PhD Sociologist, Rachael Shwom, who has researched climate change and its effect on society. Ironically she also lives in one of these raised homes near the rising sea in a floodplain.

Gallery artists, Bill Owens, Chris Verene, Earlie Hudnall, William Greiner and Peter Brown will be included in this themed exhibition. Also included are Edward S. Curtis, Joakim Eneroth (Sweden), Wu Jialin (China), Vitaly Smirnov (Russia), and Beaux Comeaux.

Both Ben Marcin and Jason Lee will attend the opening reception on Saturday, January 5th. This exhibition is co-curated by Gallery Director, Burt Finger, and Assistant Director, Luisa Goldstein.

January 5 – March 2, 2019
Artists Reception, Saturday, January 5, 2019
From 5 – 8pm

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