Hatch Street Studios “Second Saturdays” Monthly Event

Hatch Street Studios

Aug. 11, 2018, 11:00 am

88 hatch Street
PHONE 774-473-5078


Visit Hatch Street Studios on Sat, Aug 11th from 12-5! Along with 3 floors of numerous artists’ studios being open for exploration and commerce, we invite you to take in the talks of our guest presenters and be inspired:

12pm “On Creativity & Wellness” – Dr. Michael Rocha, cardiologist and community wellness expert

1:30pm. “Art Collecting for Beginners” – Dr. Larry Miller, Anthropologist and Sociologist

3pm “Protecting Our Oceans’ – Be the Solution to the Pollution

4pm “A Sea of Ink: Early Sailors’ Tattoos” – Jordan Lilly, Tattoo Artist
Specially invited guest artists include Roxanne Blackmoore, Brandon Cabral, Catherine Carter, Cottage on the Cliff, Kyle Furtado (Rep 1 for the Kid) and Ricky Gagnon.

Celebrate the summer at our “Make Your Own Message in a Bottle” station and share your creativity!

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