Greater Than & As Above, So Below

Boston Sculptors Gallery

May. 12, 2018, 03:00 am

486 Harrison Avenue
PHONE 617-482-7781

Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present the opening reception for two concurrent solo shows, Greater Than by artist Laura Evans & As Above, So Below by artist Johnathan Derry.

Laura Evans: Greater Than, a solo exhibition featuring the artist’s newest work. An expansive mixed media installation, Greater Than rambles across two walls and creeps out along the floor, energizing the gallery space. Largely composed of various types, colors and shapes of fabric, Evans’ wall “drawing,” also includes ribbon, wire, rubber, bubble wrap, plastic, metal, wood, sticks and clips. As the title suggests, the complex whole of these parts represents more than just simple addition. Similar to many of her previous installations and sculptural work, Greater Than utilizes humble materials and simple hand-built methods to create unexpected dynamic work that activates the whole gallery space.

Johnathan Derry’s latest body of work explores the notion that opposing forces can in fact be complimentary and interconnected. The title, As Above, So Below is inspired from the ancient text “The Emerald Tablet”, by the 6th century Mystic philosopher Hermes Trismegistus. It suggests alchemistic connections between the microcosm and macrocosm which mirror the artist’s exploration into the philosophy of self.

The work is inspired by the search to connect the polarities that exist within the self and, by extension, society. This manifests physically in the artist’s orchestration of visual motifs such as black and white, heavy and light, over and under, where two disparate ideas must co-exist as one.

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