Grand Opening: 2417 Immersive Art Experience

The Gem Center for the Arts

Feb. 21, 2019, 06:00 pm

2417 Bank Dr
PHONE (208) 991-0984

2417 is an immersive, interactive art experience located in Boise, Idaho, in the Gem Center for the Arts. After our first floor tenants vacated their offices, the Gem Center for the Arts staff discovered something incredibly mysterious (and mysteriously incredible) in the space.  In the 1970s, the research group Atlantis Laboratories discovered the secret to creating ‘pocket dimensions’: infinite extra-dimensional spaces that could be accessed through door-like portals. Realizing the potential for such a technology, Atlantis Labs created a showroom for investors (now 2417) showcasing the wide range of things pocket dimensions could provide.

Join us in exploring these antiquated, yet riveting experimental dimensions. Discover abandoned offices with secret passages, portals to experimental worlds, and an expansive narrative amidst bizarre, mesmerizing art exhibits. 2417 also features an illusion and science themed gift shop.

The grand opening coincides with the Gem’s annual fundraiser, so the entire building will be packed full with exciting games, activities, and retro spectacles galore! See you there.

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