Ghost Dogs: Solo Exhibition by Samuelle Richardson opening at MOAH January 26

MOAH Lancaster

Jan. 26, 2019, 04:00 pm

665 W. Lancaster BLVD,

In Ghost Dogs, opening January 26 at MOAH, Los Angeles artist Samuelle Richardson has created a series of wood and fabric sculptures that depict wild dogs of the African Bush that have been isolated from human interaction. For Richardson, these predatory animals capture the human imagination because of our fascination for untamed realms and for their danger and their beauty. She believes that our passion is aroused by things that can kill us because of our genetic memory of close encounters with our disquieting vulnerability.

Richardson’s group of sculptures conveys a dichotomy between savage and benign as the structures come together with opposing qualities: Gnarled and rough wood is paired with the crush and pull of fabric as it relates to skin over bone and attention is given to craft while embracing flaws in the material. Stitching the fabric over the finished structure secures it in place and the stitching becomes a form of mark making. Most of the materials are found or discarded, such as tree branches and recycled clothing.

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