“Flora and Fauna” & “Longing for Mountains”

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Nov. 10, 2018, 03:00 am

486 Harrison Avenue
PHONE 617-482-7781


Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present the opening reception for two concurrent solo shows, “Longing for Mountains” by Andy Moerlein & “Flora and Fauna” by Larry Pollens

“Longing for Mountains,” Andy Moerlein’s second solo exhibition focused on the aesthetics of stone art and artifice. Working in wood, ceramic and a spectrum of other media, Moerlein’s sculptures are natural in sensibility, yet the artist’s hand is simultaneously evident. “Longing for Mountains” is inspired by the ancient Asian tradition of displaying unique stones in the home and garden. Chinese Scholars Rocks and Japanese Zen gardens are vital references, yet these abstract wood, ceramic and “hand made stone” sculptures are not natural objects, but expressive abstractions. The practice of collecting stones is a sentimental one, as those we pick up and keep have the power to transport us to past experiences. During the reception, Chinese Scholars’ Rock expert, author and dealer Kemin Hu will present and discuss five exceptional examples of Chinese Scholars’ Rocks.

“Flora and Fauna,” a solo exhibition of new work by sculptor Larry Pollans represents a significant departure from previous sculpture, until recently, focused mainly on the human figure. In “Flora and Fauna,” the human figure coexists and comingles with various plant and animal forms, creating complex tableaux and fanciful landscapes. Sculpted mainly from the traditional clay-based ceramic material known as terra cotta—literally “baked earth”— in which the fired form is porous, the clay still responds to and reflects the intensity and clarity of the touch.

Boston Sculptors Gallery

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