Finissage of the virtual 3D exhibition Colorful

Gallery Omnibus

Oct. 31, 2023, 12:00 am


“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” Paul Gauguin

Nothing fascinates and inspires the creative team at Omnibus Gallery more than color – the result of the collaboration of eye and brain, the language of dreams and the smile of nature.

The idea of the exhibition in virtual 3D space was corceived by the curator of the exhibition, the artist Light Bear. The virtual format provided an opportunity for 47 artists from different parts of the world to exhibit together. This is a new, exciting experience for a German gallery under an a non-profit organization, which has until now organized regular exhibitions within the city of Dresden.

The 3D exhibition space presents works in a wide variety of techniques – from traditional painting and graphics to digital collages, photographs and even video art. There is also a diverse range of artists: the inclusive concept of the gallery assumed the participation of artists of different levels.

Mysterious and playful, meditative and cheerful, the works sent to the open call and selected for the exhibition are in remarkable harmony with each other, enhancing each other’s sound.

“Colors pursue me like a constant worry. They even worry me in my sleep.” Claude Monet

The digital collages of the Dutch artist Monica Kroes and the collage-like canvases of give you the feeling that you had a chance to look into tempting colorful dreams.

“In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.” – this quote from the artist Hans Hofmann (Germany/USA) comes to mind when contemplating the works of Senna Sheridan from Ireland and the oil canvases of Dimitra Xenaki from Athens.

The works of Chad Eby also glow with „guiding“ mosaics. This multidisciplinary artist, designer, and educator from Lexington, Kentucky works with light, sound and code to better understand digital technology.

Amazing in its convex laconicism, the rooster’s profile by the Italian artist and designer Luciano Caggianello makes us once again convinced of the truth of Marc Chagall’s words: “Color is all. When color is right, form is right.”

The same is true for the works of Fiorentina Giannotta with her playful portraits of nobles in naive style – or of Tracy Poindexter-Canton who examines Black American identity and blending melding literary imagery with visual art through collage, vibrancy and portraiture.

“I prefer to live in color,” David Hockney once said. A life of color and a creative awakening began for British-born artist Samantha Redfern when she moved to Singapore. Colorful birds and flowers, as well as lush tropical greenery, inspire her.

There are especially many abstract works at the exhibition. Needless to say, it is in abstraction that color knows no bounds. Digital works by Alexandr Luc (Romania-Germany), experimental photos by Zach Ellis, acrylic canvases by Brooke Harris, marker works by Megan Howard and many others immerse the viewer in a sea of associations.

We invite all friends of contemporary art on a fascinating journey through this truly colorful and very rich in hidden meanings exhibition. Let’s meet and write in the comments mode on the Finnisage (October 31, 2023)!


Klára Vavřičková • ABEL Sylvie • Ze Ve • Bianca Turner • Anna Dzhiniri • Stéphane CANTIN • Mingyue Liu • Corina Nani • Fester Vogels • Kenneth Henckel • Scherin Mustafa • June Hjorth • Senna Sheridan • Luciano Caggianello • Carmen Wilke • Laurel Lueders • Matthew Bailey • Amanda Lechner • Kris Moore • Trina Batchelor • Samantha Redfern • • Hannah Stein • Brooke Harris • Chang-Ching Su • Tyrrell Jonns • Carsten Breuer • Monica Croese • Tracy Poindexter-Canton • Karen Safer • Sallia Brand • Chad Eby • Linh Dao • Zach Ellis • Crystal L McDonald • Georgia Hart • Fiorentina Giannotta • Sandra Rieboldt-Bülter • Scott M. Williams • Alexandr Luc • Chad Erpelding • Cesar Ceballos • Chelsea Dreher • Megan Howard • Dimitra Xenaki • Gillian Probert • Kip Harris

About the exhibitor

ZMO – Zusammenarbeit mit Osteuropa – Regionalverband Dresden e.V. (Germany) is a non-profit association with the creative center “Omnibus” in Dresden-Pieschen. There are many charitable projects under this aegis. Art, culture and creativity contribute a lot to international understanding on site.

Gallery Omnibus: since 2010, the creative center “Omnibus” has been inviting visitors to the art exhibitions in the city of Dresden. German and international artists were presented, in this period more than 100 group and solo exhibitions have been held.

About the curator

The Omnibus virtual gallery is curated by the artist Light Bear. Light Bear is a contemporary artist, the creator of many animated films, paintings and drawings, and since 2012 has participated in more than 500 international art and film-festivals. Since 2022: LB has been an influencer on instagram (with 16,6 Tsd. followers today). LB is also the curator of many art projects at the Omnibus Creative Center (Dresden, Germany).

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