Kopeikin Gallery

Jun. 22, 2019, 05:00 pm

2766 La Cienega Blvd


ELEGY: A floral photographic images in a radiant and transformative collection paying tribute to lives lost in mass killings and murders will have an opening reception at Kopeikin Gallery on June 22, 5-8pm.

Los Angeles artist Jeffrey Sklan presents images of rich beauty and loss in his botanical series, ELEGY, opening at Kopeikin Gallery June 22nd in Los Angeles. The exhibition, which runs through June 27th, features astonishingly detailed photographic images of flowers in tribute to victims and survivors of mass killings and murders. Sklan’s inspiring works expand the boundaries of photographic still life with their lush and evocative depictions of natural beauty. In each image, he draws viewers into the singular world that his artwork represents.

First on view at Photo LA in January, the series draws from the solace the artist finds in the beauty of flowers, the moving poignancy of their all-too-short existence, and their use in memorials for the departed. Using a rich color palette that originated with his admiration for artists such as Velasquez and Rembrandt, Sklan creates depths to his work that resonate with inner light.

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