Drew Tal – East of the Sun

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Sep. 21, 2017, 06:00 am

547 West 27th Street suite 510,
PHONE 212-279-8555


Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is delighted to present East Of The Sun, the new exhibition from renowned Israeli artist Drew Tal.
The series visually encompasses the individual human and widespread cultural essences of Eastern civilization, while thematically pertaining to the region’s societal ailments. Referencing ancient elements against modern-day subjects to assemble each masterwork, Drew Tal marries timeless elegance with the representational prominence of tradition that continues to thrive in this custom-rich area of the world. The series serves as a furtherance of Tal’s explorative cross-cultural journey through heritage and intuition, initially inspired by his upbringing in 1960s Israel, where he was captivated by the area’s plentiful assortment of ethnic beauty.

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