CHESS ART SHOW: Call to Create Paintings Inspired by Chess Pieces

bG Gallery

Jul. 5, 2018, 12:00 am

3009 Ocean Park Blvd

For our Chess show we will have a grid of 12x12in paintings on the wall and each artwork will depict a different chess peice. Special guests to the gallery will have the ability to request a chess ‘move’.

Submit current samples of your work to be chosen to create a new work for the theme of the exhibit.

-If chosen you will be create a work inspired by a chess peice that will be assigned to you.

-The inspiration can be physical or abstracted or metaphorical e.g. you paint Jimi Hendrix because he’s the ‘King’ of rock. – But there should be a strong visual cue as to which chess peice that the work was inspired by e.g. a crown on Jimi’s head or a king chess peice in the corner.

Must be professional standard and wall-hangable with a sawtooth or canvas frame 1.5in from top of peice to hang over screws in the grid on the wall. .

This exhibit will take place late September, Opening September 29, Work to arrive September 26.

-Artists must cover their own costs of delivery to and from the gallery. 3009 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90405
-If included in the exhibit standard gallery 50/50 splits
Gallery email [email protected]

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