Camp Shadow Inauguration: An Outdoor Metal Art Gallery

Elm Springs Heritage Center

Apr. 28, 2018, 02:00 pm

106 Water Ave.
PHONE 479-601-3803

This new art exhibit is depicting CAMP LIFE here in Elm Springs during the 1860’s Civil War. These life-size silhouettes represent various spirits of the past who were a part of the recruiting and training camp of Camp at Elm Springs during the 1860’s.

Camp out with us & stand in the Shadows to experience:

> Metal Art Exhibits: Do you stand up to these Spirits of the Past?

> Living History Characters: Walking among us Lt. James Berry & William “Buck” Brown

> Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Elm Springs Mayor Harold Douthit

> Food: Let them have their Cake & eat it too!

What is Camp Shadow?

This Metal Art Gallery represents what developed as a Confederate training camp, but after two years it became a camp for Union forces, then after the surrender, the camp area became a POST COLONY, where Union forces provided protection from Jayhawkers and Gorilla’s who were plundering the countryside and destroying crops and property. The Post Colony allowed Elm Springs to rebuild, even though the grist mill on the “springs” was burned down.

Camp Shadow will be temporarily located on Jayroe Avenue, across from the city park and north of the City Administration buildings in Elm Springs, Arkansas.

Lt. James Berry, a Confederate Lieutenant who was stationed at the Camp of Elm Springs. He later became the Governor of Arkansas and a United States Senator before his death.

William “Buck” Brown, A disenchanted Confederate turned Bushwacker, who lived and raided in the Elm Springs, Tontitown area during the civil war, with a loyal following of other former Confederates who terrorized the area before he was killed. His body lies in the Thornsberry Cemetery a few miles from Elm Springs.


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