Bibi Davidson & Dwora Fried at the Brewery Artwalk

Shoebox Projects

Oct. 21, 2017, 11:00 am

660 South Avenue 21 #3

Bibi Davidson and Dwora Fried
Two Women, One Reality

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
Los Angeles, CA 90031

September 25 – October 29, 2017
New installation on view during the Brewery Artwalk
October 21 and 22 11-6pm

For their residency and exhibition at Shoebox Projects, Bibi Davidson and Dwora Fried have collaborated on an installation entitled Two Women, One Reality. Though both artists were born in the fifties, they grew up in different parts of the world — one in Israel, the other in Austria. They both vividly remember being left alone as toddlers, watching their parents get ready for a night on the town, feeling imprisoned in their cribs, crying, terrified by noises, shadows and ghosts. The artists are using these memories as the point of departure for their collaboration. Through ongoing discussions of these personal experiences Davidson and Fried have translated their memories into an installation. The installation creates a “fifties room” with a crib, ugly wallpaper and a video filmed by Dwora’s daughter Anjoum Agrama, that evokes a visit to the darker places in their collective psyche—a kind of self portrait of the early days of the artist’s lives and surroundings, that evokes the idea that evil—real or imagined— is lurking around the corner.

Shoebox Projects is a self-directed residency program founded in 2016 by Kristine Schomaker where artists are given space and time to conceptualize and create new works. During a residency, artists have the time and freedom to try out new ideas, open their space to viewers for feedback or embark on collaborations as Davidson and Fried are doing with Two Women, One Reality. Though these artist’s individual practices are quite different— Bibi Davidson is a painter whereas Dwora Fried makes mixed media sculptures and installations, there are overlaps in their subject matter and approaches which makes this and ideal opportunity for collaboration.

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