Artist Talks with Keith Secola and Filip Rađenović

Kala Art Gallery

Nov. 8, 2018, 07:00 pm

2990 San Pablo Avenue
PHONE (510) 841-7000

Kala is excited to host an evening gallery talk with Kala Fellowship Artist Keith Secola and Filip Rađenović, 2018 CEC ArtsLink Fellowship Artist, on Thursday, November 8 at 7PM.

Join us for an engaging evening to find out more about the ideas and processes behind their work.

Keith Secola grew up in the Southwest and belongs to the Northern Ute and Anishanabe Nations. He graduated from California College of the Arts in San Francisco with a focus on silkscreen printing. Throughout life, Keith has been influenced to push his creative senses. His earliest influences come from his father, a musician, whose traveling exposed him to contemporary Native arts at a young age. Finding a balance between contemporary life and tradition, Keith creates images, prints, paintings, and murals derived from a blend of oral storytelling, skateboarding, and Native American culture.

Filip Rađenović is a photographer, make-up artist, and activist from Serbia. He finds the central component of his work in the subcultures and notions of freedom of expression from the queer community. Alongside his artwork, Filip teaches photography, design, and art theory to young students. He plans to use his time in the US to learn more about gender identity, queer history, and LGBTQ communities as well as work on projects on human rights and the issues faced by marginalized communities.

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