Artist Talk: Jonathan Weinberg and Anahita Vossoughi


May. 16, 2018, 01:00 pm

50 Orange Street
PHONE 203.772.2709

Art historian and painter Jonathan Weinberg will engage Anahita Vossoughi in a conversation around her new body of work in the solo exhibition Beige Thick Golden Glue. Together, they will discuss the influences that underpin Vossoughi’s practice, and explore the ways romanticism has historically given way to Orientalism, fetishism and a male dominant language of desire. Vossoughi’s sculptures and mixed media collages reference Hans Bellmer’s La Poupée (1934), a life-sized female fetish doll made of wood, flax fiber, plaster, glue, and scant clothing, and German Romanticist Wilhelm von Gloeden’s (1856 –1931) nude photographs of boys and young men of Mediterranean descent.

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