Artist Talk: iPhoneography with Meri Walker

Cape Cod Art Center

Apr. 5, 2019, 07:00 am

3480 Route 6A
P: 508-362-2909

Artist Talk: “Why would a well-collected and awarded traditional photographer and printmaker spend a decade playing with her smartphone and calling herself iPhoneArtGirl?”

Day: Friday, April 5th

Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: $20

Location: Cape Cod Art Center | 3480 Route 6A, Barnstable

Meri Walker has spent her adult life at the nexus of fine art photography, printmaking, publication and web design, photojournalism, copywriting and editing cultures. She’s had a busy life working in, teaching and mentoring learners in all these special interest areas. In 2006, she relocated to southern Oregon to slow down, live closer to nature, and focus her attention on her love of photography. Three years later, she picked up her first iPhone and fell down a rabbit hole into a brand new artform that offered her picture-making and -sharing opportunities she’d never imagined possible.

It’s been ten years since she put down her big cameras and started calling herself iPhoneArtGirl. Her artist talk for the CCAC will offer traditional photographers and printmakers, graphic and multimedia artists a synopsis of her journey and engage the audience in a lively conversation about new horizons in 21st-century creative self-expression and visual communication.

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