Ardan Ozmenoglu Post-It opens at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Jun. 14, 2018, 06:00 pm

547 West 27th Street
PHONE 212.279.8555

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is delighted to present Post-It, from Turkish artist Ardan Ozmenoglu.

Ozmenoglu is recognized for her distinct usage of post-it notes in an attempt to depict her everyday life living/working in Istanbul. Her technique involves adhering an array of post-it notes to her canvases as a base, topped by silk-screened vibrant imagery derived from popular culture. The result is a three-dimensional surface, adding a sense of depth and dimension to her work. The process of making a screen print is both precise and experimental, requiring careful preparation yet simultaneously allows for unplanned elements to enter the composition such as accidental smudges and spills that remain as part of the finished product. It is the double nature of the screen-printing process, its orientation to technological precision, and its openness to chance, that fascinate her most as an artist.

Post It will run from June 14 to July 28, 2018 with an artist reception on Thursday June 14 from 6-8pm.

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