Abstract Visions 2017 Preview

Max Laniado Gallery Visio Dell'Arte

Feb. 8, 2017, 12:00 am

522 West 23rd Street


Max Laniado is pleased to present a 2017 preview exhibition by 8 distinctive contemporary artists, on view at 522 West 23rd street in Chelsea. The group exhibition is comprised of some of the most significant artists of the twenty-first century. The show consists of 23 works on canvas or panel by established artists Rasikh Akhmetvaliev, Kaloon Chhour, Cosmina, Nicolae Ene, and Anatoly Burykin, alongside emerging artists Olivier Valli, Jeff Bortniker, Vanessa Longo, and Hélène Modébadzé. We invite you into a private and intimate space where the art is as much about seeing with the eyes as it is about seeing with the heart and mind. Come join us as we revel in these “Abstract Visons”.

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