YICCA International Contest of Contemporary Art 16/17

The Rooster Gallery

Entry Deadline: Mar. 15

Gyneju str. 14
Vilnius, ITL


The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art.
Internationality and networking make YICCA a huge opportunity for the artists.
Win a cash prize:
– Euro 3000,00 (three thousand/00) money prize to the first selected
– Euro 1000,00 (one thousand/00) money prize to the second selected

Promote their art through a variety of channels:
– exhibit the selected artworks in a exhibition space, determined by competition.
– improve the relationship between finalists and critics, curators, gallery owners, public and private art institutions that will have access to this important exhibition.
– have maximum visibility through the advertising campaign that will follow the competition and all its stages.

– the works of selected artists will be published on “YICCA” catalogue which will be distributed free of charge to the finalists and will be available for professionals and institutions invited during the inauguration of the event.

Jury’s final decision will lead to a selection of 18 artists that will participate in the final exhibition. From the final 18 artists participating in the exhibition will be announced first and second ranked who will win a prize of 3000 (three thousand/00) and 1000 (one thousand/00) euro. All kinds of art works are accepted, including video, installations and performances. All works will be presented by a picture or a video that must be followed by a description of the work. All works must be available for the final exhibition and have to be artist’s property. The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals from any country.
There are no special qualifications requiered for entry. All information about terms and conditions of subscription is published on the official website www.yicca.org  www.contest.yicca.org

To register please complete the registration form on the official website.


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