Werks Magazine Art Call!

Sprocketbox Publishing

Entry Deadline: Dec. 31

622 W Patterson Suite 704
Chicago, IL 60613


Sprocketbox Publications is creating a new magazine publication titled “werks” and we want you to be a part of it. We are looking for innovative and exciting artwork in the mediums of painting, installation, sculpture, and photography to feature alongside interviews with prominent art galleries, artists, and curators. While there is no contextual theme, we are particularly interested in artists that push the boundaries of their medium with work that is conceptually and visually challenging.

If chosen, up to 10 images of your work will be published with your bio, C.V. and contact information. Those artists will also be added to our online directory and curatorial pool for consideration for future art shows in our partner galleries. Some selected artists will also be offered an exclusive interview and extra featured images in werks. All artists who apply will receive a free digital copy of the issue they applied for when it becomes available.

werks will be published bi-yearly (Spring and Fall) and made available both physically and digitally world-wide with promotional copies distributed to select galleries across the globe. By including interviews with established arts professionals, as well as our selected jurors, we can guarantee your work will be seen. It is our hope that werks will act as a gateway for introducing artists to new connections in the art world.

Deadline to apply is December 31 to be considered for the Spring issue, however we encourage you to apply early as we will be choosing artists as they come to place in our curatorial directory.

Visit: www.sprocketboxpublishing.com to apply!


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