WANTED: Creative Templates for Start Up Project

Kelly Sullivan Fine Art

Entry Deadline: Apr. 15

29 N Union St 3rd Fl of The People's Stor
Lambertville, NJ 08530
Phone (732) 233-5614


Please go to http://www.paint.team/call-to-artists.html for complete information on this opportunity and how to submit your design.
We are looking for 20 artists to be part of our initial launch team of Preferred Designers who understand the true beauty that happens when diverse elements come together in the spirit of collaboration.

We want our designers to inspire generations of people through art, and make money doing it over and over again.  Your first step is to submit a design template for inclusion in our Genesis Catalog. If your design template is chosen for the Genesis Catalog, you will receive a $100 honorarium.  The Genesis Catalog will be free to the public, helping to inspire creativity in people from all walks of life, all around the world.

As a Preferred Designer, you will grow with our team, continuing to build a portfolio of templates based on feedback from our users, and share in the revenue each time someone chooses your designs for a Paint.Team project. You can also gain elevated access to more Paint.Team design functionality, allowing you to create truly custom projects for your own clients.

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