VisArts Call for Studio Artists 2016 – 2017


Entry Deadline: Jun. 10

155 Gibbs St
Rockville, MD 20850

For more information and to apply, visit:

VisArts invites applications from local and national artists for studio space at VisArts in Rockville, Maryland. The Studio Artist Program provides a unique opportunity for a dynamic individual artist or collaborative artist team to experiment, create new work, evolve an existing body of work or develop a project in a stimulating, supportive environment. Studio space is provided to selected artists for a reasonable cost for up to three years. The Studio Artist Program encourages interaction, dialogue and exploration both within the VisArts artist community and the larger Rockville community as well. Each year the current Studio Artists will present their work in a group exhibition at VisArts.

The VisArts Studio Artists are encouraged to engage with the VisArts and greater Rockville communities. Engagement can take form in a number of ways including public artist talks, workshops, screenings, community or socially-engaged art projects, open studio events, or other mutually agreed upon events. The foundation of the Studio Artist Program is based on generosity, respect and creativity.

Terms of the Studio Artist Program:

· Qualified applicants should be professional artists over the age of 18; the program is not designed for commercial artists or students.

· Artists working in all media are welcome to apply, but VisArts cannot support the use of hazardous materials that require specific ventilation requirements.

· Available studios include:

Four 169 square foot artist studios with large windows. Monthly rent: $331.66

One interior 248 square foot studio. Monthly rent: $460.12

· The studio lease is for one year. There is no automatic right to renew the lease for additional terms. Studio Artists must re-apply and be accepted for each additional year up to three years.

· Each studio is equipped with a sink and Wi-Fi connection. Studio access is 24/7 except during special VisArts events (advance notice will be given). The artist must provide his/her own studio furniture.

· The studios are used for art-making activities only.

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