Things I’ve Found

UNA Gallery

Entry Deadline: Feb. 17

328 NW Broadway Ste. 117
Portland, OR 97209

UNA Gallery presents our call for March 2017: Things I’ve Found

Highlighting traditional, non-traditional media, found object, and performance artwork: Things I’ve Found seeks to comment on the relationship between artists, their ideas, and the objects, actions and experiences they use to convey them. Taking the mutual influence of artist and environment into consideration, please submit artwork exploring the mechanisms at work when we assign value to an object, action, or experience.

Submissions must be received by February 17.

Please include a clear description of your installation needs, object dimensions, and/or specific details concerning any performance-based pieces. Artworks involving time, space, the performer’s body, found objects, a physical presence, or a relationship between the performer and audience are encouraged. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

In accordance with UNA’s mission statement: POC, Femme, and Queer artists will be given priority consideration when submitting artwork. Allies of all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to submit.

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