The Bicycle

Houston Bicycle Museum

Entry Deadline: Jun. 1

1313 Binz Street
Houston, TX 77004
Phone 713-459-4669

Houston Bicycle Museum 1st Annual Juried Exhibition 2017 will begin Saturday, July 1st and will extend through July 30th. The exhibition is open to any theme; however, those works that relate to bicycle culture in some way will be eligible to win our Poster Art award – let your creative juices flow! A Jury Panel will jury entries into the show and make awards in the following categories: Sculpture, Ceramics, Pottery, Glass/Wood/Fiber, Jewelry, Paiting, Graphic Art, Drawing, Photography, Painting. Prizes will be awarded as follows: Best of Show – First Place, Second Place, Third Place in each category.

A “Poster Award” may be awarded, and will receive a $100 cash prize. All accepted entries available for purchase during the event should bear a sale price determined by the submitting artist. Houston Bicycle Museum will retain a 15% commission on sales. Houston Bicycle Museum will provide a cashier, collect funds, remit sales tax and remit proceeds to artists within two weeks after event. Any work left after 6:00 pm Saturday Augst 5 will be charged a storage fee.

Entry Procedure: 3 pieces may be submitted. No Entry Fee. Submit one digital image for each piece, labeled with artist’s name. Digital files must include the artist’s initials only, submission number, title and medium. For 3D work, two images of each piece may be submitted. Example for file names: AB_1_Grapes_oil.jpg, AB_2_Leaves_acrylic.jpg. Images numbered to correspond to numbers on Entry Form.

Please go to https:// for the link to the prospectus with more information. Deadline for entry is June 1st, 2017.

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