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Entry Deadline: Aug. 5

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“Spoken Words”: Calling all Spoken-Word Artists!

The ArtHouse Radio podcast is looking for poets, spoken-word artists and any other linguistically-excited persons to submit audio of their favorite poems, writings, musings and just about any other word-based art form. The submissions can be original works, or works in the public domain. The audio should be recordings of these literary works being read or made audible in some way. Each submission should last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. If selected, these audio clips will be played at the beginning of select episodes during ArtHouse Radio’s Season 2.

All topics are welcome for these works. it is also welcome for these works have themes that parallel typical ArtHouse Radio topics, such as: art, sculpture, film, dance, philosophy, music (particularly contemporary works), comedy and the relationship between communities and all of these disciplines.

To submit works for the ArtHouse Radio’s “Spoken Words”, please submit the following to [email protected]:

-An attached MP3 file of your work, which, if selected, will be played on-air, as submitted. The higher the quality of the audio recording, the better. However, it’s not of the utmost importance. The content of the works will be given highest priority.
-A paragraph which gives ArtHouse Radio permission to broadcast the work across all formats, with the understanding that the artists retain all rights to their work.
-This paragraph of permission must also contain e-signature at the end of it (type your full name). Artists may also scan in a document with a handwritten signature. In return, ArtHouse Radio 43 and ArtHouse Radio will reply with a paragraph stating that we will only use your works for the purposes listed in this contest and we retain no rights of the submitted works and will not share any works or artist information with any third party.

Questions and comments can be directed to the same email listed above. The deadline to participate is August 5, 2016.


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