Spectrum Gestalt 5

bG Gallery

Entry Deadline: Aug. 6

2525 Michigan Ave, #G8A
Santa Monica, CA 91403
PHONE 310-906-4211


Bleicher/Gorman Project Space Bergamot Station invites you to be part of the 4th annual Spectrum-Gestalt gallery exhibit.

Part curatorial, part installation Spectrum-Gestalt brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and mediums, grouping them into an expansive spectrum of color. Spectrum is one of our most popular exhibits each year having a similar concept but a different installation structure.

Rules and payment (subject to change):

-Artwork should be predominantly a single color.

-All first entries that meet this criteria are recommended to be under 25in(high)x16in(wide). Additional entries at larger sizes are permitted though larger works have less chance of being chosen.

-Works 4x4in or less are guaranteed to be shown (separate payment below). Other works will be chosen by the curator.

-Exhibit will take place 2nd week of June Summer 2018

-Artists must cover their own costs of delivery to and from the gallery. Delivery early June 2018

-If included in the exhibit standard gallery splits for art sales will apply.

-Gallery email [email protected]

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