Social Justice: It Happens to One, It Happens to All

St. Mary's College Museum of Art

Entry Deadline: Mar. 31

Moraga, CA 94556

Art can inspire change and bring people together, crossing the borders of cultures and languages. Artists challenge the norm, imagine the potential and inspire social change.

For some, the United States is a true manifestation of the American Dream; yet, for many individuals both nationally and globally, basic human and civil rights are abridged and jeopardized with a judicial system that has eroded confidence and trust, and with racism propagated through groups that have systemic power to institutionalize prejudice in the forms of laws, policies, and ideologies that exclude and oppress others.

Gutfreund Cornett Art seeks art in all media that speaks to and illuminates the ongoing conversation around race, conditions of the working class, disparities in global wealth, power, education, shelter, access to food, water and health services, immigration issues, criminal (in)justice, women’s rights, subjugating ethnic groups and the gender queer in the modern world.

We look to employ artwork as weapons in the fight for human rights against violence and the ongoing wars. Human rights can no longer be thought of as separate and belonging to a privileged few, but rather that these rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible for all. We believe the artist’s voice will help to foster these important dialogues worldwide and invite artists to add their voice.



GCA invites you to share your vision and help change the world through art.

EXHIBITION DATES: September 18-December 11, 2016


Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art
1928 St Marys Rd
Moraga, CA (outside of Oakland)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 31, 2016. Must complete submission by in your time zone

NOTIFICATION BY: May 31, 2016 via emails to artists, on our Facebook page and on our website.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

CATEGORIES ACCEPTED: All media is accepted except giclees of original work.

Sandra will review submissions to this exhibition, and choose three pieces, which she feels are the strongest representations of and best stimulus for discussions about social justice issues.


Sandra Fluke is a social justice attorney and women’s rights activist. She first came to public attention when, in February 2012, Republican members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee refused to allow her to testify to that committee on the importance of requiring insurance plans to cover birth control during a discussion on whether medical insurance should have a contraception mandate.

Fluke co-founded the New York Statewide Coalition for Fair Access to Family Court, which successfully advocated for legislation granting access to civil orders of protection for unmarried victims of domestic violence, including teen LGBTQ victims. Fluke was also a member of the Manhattan Borough President’s Taskforce on Domestic Violence and numerous other New York City and New York State coalitions that successfully advocated for policy improvements impacting victims of domestic violence. While in New York City, she worked for Sanctuary for Families, which aids victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Fluke earned her B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management as well as Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Cornell University in 2003. She also received her J.D. with a Certificate in Refugee and Humanitarian Emergencies from Georgetown University Law Center. While at Georgetown, Fluke was the President of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, an editor for the Journal of Gender and the Law and Vice President of the Women’s Legal Alliance.

Fluke was a featured speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, where she addressed the different visions of the role of women in the election.

Works will be selected to be installed in the museum with additional works selected to be shown together on a monitor in the museum in order to accommodate as many viewpoints as possible and expand the conversation beyond the physical limitations of the museum. All works will be included in the online Gutfreund Cornett Art gallery for this show as well as in the printed and digital versions of the exhibition catalog.


All selected artworks will be included in the exhibition catalog. Catalogs will be available for order at the time of of the show opening.

Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art (SMCMoA) is home to over 4,000 pieces of art, ranging from William Keith’s early California landscapes to Andy Warhol’s polaroids and has rotating exhibitions from invited curators and the private collection. ‘Social Justice: It Happens to One, It Happens to All’ curated by GCA will be displayed in the Armistead and Studio Galleries of the Museum. The Museum will also be hosting a concurrent exhibition entitled ‘The American Soldier’.

The Museum, University staff and students at St. Mary’s are committed to social justice, respect for all persons, and the power of education to transform lives. A distinctive mark of a Lasallian school is its awareness of the consequences of economic and social injustice and its commitment to the poor. Its members learn to live ‘their responsibility to share their goods and their service with those who are in need, a responsibility based on the union of all men and women in the world today…’

This exhibition highlights social justice work from the students, staff, clubs and organizations of Saint Mary’s College .

Payment of $35 per entry or $15 for full-time students. An entry consists of one to three pieces. Payments are made through Paypal.

There are no size restrictions for the artwork.

VIDEO ARTISTS: Video artists must supply all their own equipment (monitors, headphones etc). Monitors must be wall-mounted and include, within the monitor, a DVD player or use SD cards or USB drives. Videos must be looped.

Artworks must arrive ‘ready to hang’ and be presented professionally with neutral frames and/or finished edges.

Submit JPG images sized approximately 4 inches wide x 6 inches high at 300 dpi resolution. In order to upload successfully, your image must be at least 800 pixels on the longest side. High-resolution images are requested for printed publicity of accepted works. Works displayed on-line will be reduced to web-standard low resolution. Your JPG file name must be Artist’s Last Name, under-score, and Title. Example: Smith_ScratchMarks2.JPG. You may upload up to three additional views per piece if you have a difficult-to-photograph work such as sculpture or artist’s book.

Artwork must be insured by the artist. The Gallery does not offer insurance beyond liability.

SALES OF ART: All sales will be handled by the Museum with 60% going to the artist and 40% to the museum.


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