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Paper Birch Landing

Entry Deadline: Aug. 15

3740 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
PHONE 913-490-9907

We are asking artists to show various forms of love through all mediums in a 16 by 20 or smaller size. Open to all mediums! Open to all U.S. residents. Love is a guiding force in all lives. We all have small loves and big loves in our lives. We want to see your interpretations of love. Perhaps you choose to show the love you have for your family or your partner in life. Maybe you have love for your city, country or world. Love can be shown in abstract forms in abstract colors. Perhaps you have felt the loss of someone or something that you loved. You may choose to show the love you have for your creator or for science. Maybe you have a lost love or you believe that we come from an infinite source of love. In life, perhaps there was a time when you did not feel love and you were searching for it. Some of us have profound love for our pets, for nature, for calm serenity. Love can make you on fire! Love can make you at peace. The ways that we love are limitless and we want to see your interpretations. Using a small format of 16×20 or smaller challenges the artist to show big ideas on a small format.

We will be selecting the top 30 entries. Entries will be juried by our Juror, local Kansas city artist Jim Ramirez. All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1.Interpretation and Clarity of the Theme to the viewer.

2. Creativity and Originality of depicted theme.

3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on theme.

4. Overall impression of the art : Does it stand on its own as a complete work of art.

5. Integration of technique, expression and organization.

All entries are due by August 15th. All accepted artists will be informed via email of acceptance on August 20th. If work needs to be shipped to the gallery, artist will pay for shipping. All accepted works may be dropped at the gallery the last week of August during normal hours.

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Paper Birch Landing

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