The Golden Thread Gallery

Entry Deadline: Sep. 13

303 Tunxis Road
West Hartford, CT 06107

Capturing the essence of a subject in the most revealing way by bringing out the best and the truth from a subject in a very simple way.For our 4th season we will explore the connection between art and science, searching for the exact spot where the two collide. While often seen in opposition, together they can create a unified message.

Through art we seek to rearrange reality and create new forms from unique perspectives, which guide us to better understand the complexity in such a way that both the artist and the viewer may possibly catch a glimpse of they mysteries contained within the realm where art and science meet.
INTERSECTIONS will mix the self, machines, structure, and patterns with art to explain the workings of our inner self and our universe. The Golden Thread was established in 2012 with the mission of connecting the human spirit through the arts.

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