OPEN CALL: Lucca Biennale Indoor 2022 – Paper, Art, Design

Lucca Biennale

Entry Deadline: Jan. 15

Ex Cavallerizza, Via San Paolino
Lucca, ITL 55100
PHONE 05 8392 8354

LUBICA – Lucca Biennale Cartasia is the world’s biggest art event dedicated to paper art. The Biennale takes place every two years, in 2022 it will be held from the 31st of July until September the 25th. The Indoor Exhibition will be composed of 3 main sectors: art, fashion, and performances. Every artist that creates art such as performances, sculptures, drawings, video-art, and much more with paper, cardboard, or its by-products is encouraged to participate in the call.

“The White Page” is the theme of the XI edition
“White page” has a double-sided message: could represent endless opportunities and at the same time the anxiety of it all, the possibility of a brighter future and a leap of faith into the unknown, a white page is a bridge between the past and the future.

The deadline for submitting projects is set for January 15th, 2022.

To participate in the call, it is necessary to fill in the forms downloadable on this page and register by paying the sum of € 20.00. For any doubts and information, you can contact the organization of the Biennale at the email address [email protected]

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