Open Call for Billboard Proposals


Entry Deadline: Jun. 4

NYC, NY 10003

14×48 repurposes vacant billboards as public art space in order to create more opportunities in public art for emerging artists, to challenge emerging artists to engage more with public art, and to enliven the vibrancy of our urban environment.

Submit Your Idea for a Billboard

14×48 invites you to submit a proposal for a billboard project according to the guidelines below.

•Proposals must include an original work of art that can be printed and installed on an outdoor billboard.

•Please include an image or sketch of your plan for the billboard, a brief written description of the project, a proposed timeline to completion, examplesof past work (public art experience is not necessary), and any relevant professional experience.•In your proposal, we encourage you to include an additional component (such as workshops, recordings, performance etc.) that complements the project.

•Please review past 14×48 projects before submitting your application.

•The exact billboard location in New York City cannot be determined in advance.

•Proposals can be submitted at www.14× no later than June 4th, 2017 at 11:59pm.

For more information, please visit www.14× or contact info@14×

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